Walbrook Site (Vindolanda in London)

Archaeologists digging at the location of the lost Walbrook, an ancient stream bed running through the centre of Roman Londinium, have discovered a vast trove of artefacts. Even perishable items, such as wood writing tablets, saddlery  and shoes have been well preserved in the anaerobic conditions of the saturated London clay. The artefacts found range from throughout the entire four centuries of the Roman occupation of Britain.


Popular reports calling this site “The Pompeii of London” – are rather over-exaggerated, but this doesn’t diminish the great importance of the findings, which have already revealed much of the circumstances and lifestyle of the  ancient Roman Londoners and are expected to continue to reveal a great deal more. It would be more appropriate to liken Walbrook’s  importance to the findings at the fortress Vindolanda, located on Hadrian’s wall in the North country.

Follow the link below to see  a BBC film clip and find more exciting information.





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